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Building a House

What is it?

A premium ervice to supervisor your dream home construction or renovation

Save time and energy: We accompany you in the supervision of the construction work from beginning to end. 

We ensure that the contractor follows the plan from A to B and stays on time. If a discrepancy is found or a delay is foreseeable, we work with the contractor to get the solution for you. 


Who needs it?

Anyone building a new home or making major renovation to an existing property.

Construction work can be stressful. and time-consuming. Especially when it is YOUR investment. A construction supervisor will ensure that your interests come first and that the plan of your dream home are followed, stays on time and on budget. 


How it works?

Book a discovery call to discuss your specific project

Everyone has a different dream, everyone has different expectations. Book a call (in English!) with us and we will discuss your particular project and answer any questions you may have on working with a contractor supervisor.

With our Construction supervision service, we offer our clients peace of mind. Because building your new home or doing major renovation to an existing property is a big investment. Let's make this experience a pleasant one. We clear every issues that come the construction way. The results? You get your key satisfied and happy.

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