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Bring the gym to your home

We work we all types of clients and residential facilities: from the contractor who thoughtfully wants to build his new building with a beautiful and functional gym to residents committee looking to transform the building's shelter into a gym to owners of private villas with a spare room to change magically into a practical gym space.

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Contractors: Up-scale your new buildings

A Gym is the new must-have.

Save time and energy: we provide a complete solution from gym design to finishings, including equipment. All in one shop. 

Get the results of a professional gym: Our experts will design a gym that is functional with an optimized amount of equipment for the number of residents and beautiful design and finishings. Your residents will enjoy a fully-equiped professional gym without leaving their building.


Residential committeesIncrease your property value and enjoy a state-of-the-art gym on your premises

Transform your shelter or unused space

We work with every size and shape! Transforming a shelter ("miklat") into a beautiful and practical gym requires expertise and dedication. We are here to ensure that all the residents will benefit from the gym we design. With our complete package, from design to renovation and installation, we offer our clients the best gym results with an easy and simple process.


Private owners: Invest in your home, invest in your health.

Get the ultimate villa experience with your optimized gym

Ever feel like working-out but don't have the time or motivation to schlep to the gym? Transforming a room or garage into a gym has never been so easy. We offer a complete package from design to installation for every budget.

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